Equilibrium is a three-channel video work. It is based on the artist’s former artwork, E (2019-), a series of digital images.

In E, three images are juxtaposed. One is the original, and the other two are processed with the wrongly implemented JPEG and PNG encoders. Even the original image is just a photograph of an empty sky, and the encoded two are, so to speak, broken garbage; none of the images have significant representation.

Equilibrium consists of three synchronized videos, each showing a close-up of the LCD monitor displaying one of E’s three images. Though the camera in each video moves on the same trajectory, we can recognize these three shots taken individually because of their subtle synchronization clutters. The videos capture the luminescence of each pixel on the monitor and also its dirty surface with sand and dust. Its surface becomes a boundary where real and digital debris come into contact.

This artwork was shown as an installation in the solo exhibition at Sony Park Mini, Ginza, in 2022.